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Betsy Block

Back on Track

Sabbatical's over (see below)!

I've taken some time off and, unlike my new haircut, it worked out just as I'd hoped. I feel energized and ready to dive back into the mess that is a writer's life: rejections. Hours of writing that go nowhere. Editing hell.

Nah, I'm just kidding. I wouldn't trade writing for anything. Except maybe one perfect weekend in NYC. I might trade it for that.

I'll be back with something soon. Not sure what yet, but I feel it . . .

Happy, Healthy
It's time for a sabbatical.

Teachers get them every seven years, I think, and I've been writing and parenting for twice that long. I'm toast.

People keep telling me now's not the time to take a break. Since I started this site three years ago, so many doors have opened and incredible opportunities have come a-knockin'. I should be increasing my readership, building my platform, posting more, more, MORE on! (Or is it now?)

But I don't want to.

Then I remember that when I started this site people told me it was folly, which shows how much people know. But even if they're right this time, even if I "should" be posting, I guess when you're a writer, making a mistake isn't the worst thing – not like when you're a surgeon or a pilot or, let's just say, a president.

So  (clink) here's to your health and happiness in 2009. May we all discover what sets us free and then – here's the tricky part – muster the courage to give it a try. Following our inner urgings may feel risky, but, I'm almost sure by now, it's also the only way to fly.

Until we meet again,