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Betsy Block

A Feast (for the Eyes Only)

A Feast for the Eyes Only

Looks can be deceiving but you already knew that, right?

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I had these bad boys out of the oven and cooling on a rack by 8 a.m. Things were going better than I could have imagined - until I took a bite. They tasted like good intentions and not much else.

That's because these were vegan cupcakes, and to me they reeked of soymilk, a thin, tinny flavor I can't stand. (Lord knows I've tried.) My source for all things vegan was also the person I was trying to surprise, so I couldn't ask her for advice. I wasn't sure what to do; maybe they tasted like that because I'd just brushed my teeth. Maybe it was the raspberry jam I'd put in the batter. The question remained: throw them out or serve them anyway? Maya, seven, told me I couldn't throw them out because I'd made them with "love and hope." She was right on both counts.

I decided to let both the cupcakes and their creator sit for a day, then I got inspired to make a vegan ganache to see if that would hide the flavor. I also bought vegan cookies, just in case. My friend loved my cupcakes, but she was the only one who did. The rest of us won't be fooled by good looks; we'll stick to the real thing, if it even exists anymore.