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Betsy Block

Crispy Duck Salad


By Michael Moore of Michael Moore Restaurant in London

40 grams mixed salad leaves (I used - who knows)

20 grams orange segments (I used two oranges)

2 tablespoons salad dressing

50 grams sliced duck breast (or two confit legs - enough for two hungry adults)

30 grams mango sauce (or a fresh mango, diced)

20 grams Hoisin sauce (I used about a quarter cup and I have no freaking idea if this was right, but it sure was good) mixed with

1 tablespoon sesame oil


Take salad leaves, orange segments and dressing and mix together in a bowl.

Place duck in a preheated frying pan with a bit of oil; pan fry until crispy brown, add hoisin/sesame sauce and mix well. (Or else heat the confit in the oven until warm; flake off pieces from the leg and toss with the hoisin/sesame oil mixture.)

Place salad on a plate, place duck on top of salad, drizzle mango sauce over top and serve warm.